2013 Vinum Chenin Blanc
2013 Vinum Chenin Blanc
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Vinum Africa has succeeded in making a beautiful wine from an oft-neglected grape. Chenin Blanc was once known as the “ugly duckling of Stellenbosch,” but Vinum has nurtured it into a vibrant and elegant white, with exciting aromas of white petals and crisp citrus. The palate has layers of fresh lime and gentle spices, underscored by fruit, and finished with a refreshing minerality. Enjoy Vinum Chenin Blanc with food of your choice. We find that it’s especially delicious with the spices in Thai and Indian food.

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Chenin Blanc
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David Heise, Sr.'s Gravatar
David Heise, Sr.
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(Aug 17, 2016 at 3:03 PM)
A wonderfully fruity chenin with some satsfying oak. First tasting had me wanting for more; later paired with steamed shrimp and true Maryland crab cakes. Absolutely delicious! Came to me as a selection from the Wine Insiders Connoseur case which, if the other wines are as good as this, was a wise purchase indeed. Well, here's a surprise - even after storing overnight using a Vacu-Vin, there was still noticeable effervescence during my third pour again with shrimp and crab cakes! Fruity wonderful!!!