2015 Cepage Sauvignon Blanc
2015 Cepage Sauvignon Blanc
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There are many reasons to be a fan of Sauvignon Blanc. It is light, refreshing, vibrant and pairs well with so many situations. It is grown all over the world and within each of the small regions, Sauvignon Blanc grapes adopt a unique style each their own. Cépage Sauvignon Blanc is from France, the origin of Sauvignon Blanc where the ideal weather allows for grapes to adopt a very expressive style. Revealing notes of citrus and exotic fruits, Cépage is perfectly balanced with a sense of freshness and a lingering finish. This wine is drinks brilliantly on its own but when paired with fresh fish and creative salads, it truly shines. 

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Sauvingon Blanc
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David Heise Sr.'s Gravatar
David Heise Sr.
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(Sep 29, 2016 at 8:16 AM)
GRAPEFRUIT, GRAPEFRUIT, GRAPEFRUIT!!!!! The first and longest taste is that of ripe, juicy grapefruit! Although the wine didn't stand up well to our corn chowder, it is an excellent representation of a fine tasting sauvignon blanc - and not from New Zealand. A really pleasant surprise;enjoying it immensely. Another great selection from the Wine Insiders Connoseur Collection - Bravo! 8/22 pour was hasf with a Cheesy Tomato Bake courtesy of Penzey's Spices; what a great pairing! Great wine, want more!!